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3x Trio #2 Platinum


VIP Title and Access
Platinum VIP Title in-game (can be toggled with /tag) and discord. Access to VIP area in discord.

Platinum Kit

Access to the in-game platinum kit, redeemable every 12h.

Enhanced Hammer
You only need to right click and upgrade 1 wall/foundation for it to switch to upgrade mode, then you can simply keep left clicking on all walls, and it automatically upgrades them to the tier you first upgraded with. If you want to switch to default hammer mode, you must left click the same tier (or higher) wall again.

Sign Artist
This allows you to paint an image onto a sign.
“/sil <url>” to paint image from online.
/silt <message>” to paint text onto sign.
(no nudity, racism, or other inappropriate content)

Box Sorter
While inside of authorized TC range, when you open a box a UI will be open at the bottom of the contents of the box and at the top right of your inventory.
Select the box category and then use the arrow at the top right of your inventory to put the categorized items in the box, and click sort to organize them.

This allows the use of “/skinbox”, drag the item you want to skin into the loot box and skins will appear. Select the skin and drag it back into your inventory.

When building use “/bgrade 3 or 4″ (3) places down a metal foundation instantly with your building plan, (4) places down an armoured foundation instantly.

This package will let you skip queue

Note that all our packages are non refundable. All donations goes directly into server upkeep. See our refund policy for more detailed information.
To be able to give a fair fight to everyone, certain perks will be blocked during raiding and or combat. You will be notified in-game when this happens. Signs can not contain nudity, racism or other inappropriate images. Admin has final say.

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